Sep 23

American Remakes of Foreign Horror Films Worth Watching


American remakes of successful foreign horror films typically don’t turn out so well. So when I read on Deadline that the Norwegian gem Trollhunter was getting the American remake treatment, I groaned. The good news is that Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers,The Descent) … Continue reading

Aug 05

Total Recall 2012 Review

Total Recall 2012

     I was skeptical about the 2012 “Total Recall” remake from the moment it got the green light. The main reason was because I never saw the need for a remake. I am a huge fan of the original Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle directed … Continue reading

Jul 09

Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Review

MOONRISE KINGDOM (2012)Edward Norton (Center)

     Wes Anderson delivers another whimsical world for us to enjoy in “Moonrise Kingdom.” The director of “The Royal Tanenbaums”, “Rushmore”, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “Bottle Rocket” once again shares a stitched-together dream where the cast members are exaggerated … Continue reading