What Does The Ultimate ‘Star War’ Television Series Look Like?

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     In a recent interview with DenOfGeek longtime Lucasfilm producer and George Lucas collaborator Rick Mcallum hinted that the proposed live-action Star Wars series was stalled for the time being. It sounds like it will be several years before the cost of technology catches up with the vision. That sounds familiar doesn’t it? The current state of Television was also mentioned as a major factor. On top of that, George Lucas has retired (exactly what that means is unclear) and intends to make more personal/experimental films in his garage (not like my garage I suspect).

So, where does that leave us as fans waiting for more Star Wars? Well, we are still getting a steady stream of episodes from the highly successful Clone Wars series.  But is that enough? No way!

I have given a fair amount of thought to how, if given free reign; I would approach a Star Wars television series. Pondered over how I would handle a show that ties the original core story to the expanded universe and creates a series that allowed for a multitude of story-telling scenarios.

Now let me preface this post by saying that this is a fanboy fantasy with full understanding that this idea is only intended to stimulate conversation. With that said, I know that “haters are gonna hate”, so have at it.

On the other hand…  Kathleen Kennedy (co-chair of Lucasfilm) if you are listening, this is what the “Ultimate Star Wars Television Series” of my dreams would look like. Feel free to hit me up on twitter or email if you want to discuss more details

@finalstronghold finalstronghold@gmail.com



Star Wars: Tales from the Holocron

(that title may already be taken by another project, but I couldn’t find it)

    “Tales from the Holocron” is an episodic anthology-style series hosted and narrated by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker played by Mark Hamill. This could be adapted to any Jedi Master, but this is my dream and I want Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker.

Each episode serves as a conduit for the viewers to access the knowledge captured within the Holocron (Think “Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” but without a common protagonists across all episodes). Luke makes use of the captured histories within the Jedi Holocron to instruct prospective Jedi in a new lesson each episode. The success or failure of the central character (or even a minor character) in each story serves as the motivation for the young Jedi students. 

     The actual time period for the narrator and students would likely be in the far future so that any stories from the current Expanded Universe could be told. The real hook for older fans is the tie-in to the original series and potential for original cast members or at least their characters to pop up periodically throughout the series.

     Perhaps one of the most important elements to this series is explained by Master Skywalker at some point during the first few episodes. The Holocron captures what the original storyteller remembers and not necessarily precise historical fact and everyone has a slightly different recollection of events. (many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view). This allows for enormous flexibility in the format of the series. Some stories could be live action while others are animated (cell, 3D, etc). This show design would also allow for different actors to play the same character in different episodes, different story arcs or different seasons. A potentially interesting side effect of tales told by various authors is that we may encounter different versions of the same event or at least parts of the same story told by different individuals. This could lead to some very interesting continuity paradox.

Continuity issues within the Star Wars Universe (and the show) can now either be addressed directly, or explained as a part of history that is not fully understood. Viewers can be left to speculate on what is actual canon and what aspect of the show is “history from a certain point of view”. This method could also be utilized for a dramatic revelation when we learn that an old story is not exactly what it seemed, or a secret that changes everything is revealed (ie. “no….I am your father”).

Recurring heroes and villains will tie many individual stories together and minor characters will pop up in multiple stories, especially if and when fan favorites develop. Many stories/lessons would cover multiple episodes and we will return to visit certain characters and locations during different time periods in later episodes or later seasons.

     This format could potentially incorperate the existing 50 scripts for the Star Wars (Underground?) series currently in development. Nearly any existing story could be utilized since any period prior to or during Luke’s (or the Jedi Master of choice) life is fair game.

     Maybe most exciting of all, this series leaves the possibility for appearances by other previous cast members. It would be incredible if there was a story told by; R2 and C3PO,Qui Gon Jin, OBI-Wan, Yoda, Anikan, Palpatine, or Lando either in person or through the Holocron. Or, perhaps a season finally where an original cast member shows up or Master Skywalker and his Jedi students face a new challenge. It is my dream, so I will dream big.